Our mission is simple: to love and respect the 23 acres we call home and grow good food.  Maintaining healthy soils is the key to producing nutritious fruits and vegetables, so we farm using agricultural practices that support the natural biological and chemical processes of soil. These include crop rotations, so as not to deplete nutrients, planting green "manures" which are then tilled in to the soil to enrich it, and adding animal manures, in plentiful supply in our neck of the woods, to again boost the soil.


" Whether we and our politicians know it or not,  Nature is party to all our deals and decisions, and she has more votes, a longer memory, and a sterner sense of justice than we do."

                                                           Wendell Berry



We are all too aware of how our country's agricultural system has failed us. We are committed to playing our part in reversing the damage that has been done by bringing you wholesome, nutritious produce, the way our ancestors did it!



The A to Z of what grows at Breezy Hill:


Apples: We have an orchard of 50+ trees of mixed varieties



Beans, snap, pole and bush

Bramble berries, red and black

Brussels Sprouts, sweetened up in time for Thanksgiving dinner!

Broccoli and broccoli raab, for sauteeing w/ garlic and olive oil.

Cabbage; red, green, Napa, Savoy

Carrots, mixed varieties


Sweet corn; besides tomatoes, the best part of  summer!

Tomatoes - Heirloom varieties in all shapes and colors!


Well,......... you get the gist of it!! We're growing it all, right up to Zinnias and Zucchini!